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The Intense, Area-Control War Game About Destroying Your Enemies and Claiming the Planet for Yourself.

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3-4 Players | 60-90 Mins | Ages 14+


Biomass is a tense, area control wargame. Become one of four asymmetric Biomorphs, each uniquely adapted to hunt and survive in this beautiful and strange alien landscape. Gather Biomass by hunting prey and investigating strange monuments, spend your resources on a wealth of rotating powers and units, and fight tooth and claw for territory and ultimately, victory! 

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On your turn, you can buy and use cards to build up your engine, increase your economy, and give massive advantages to your units in battle. Each color card represents the ability's affinity with the different Biomorphs. This gives you an advantage if you are that Biomorph, but nothing stops you from combining and evolving into something much more!

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