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Connecting with our Community.

Hello, my name is Niall from Crab Studios. I wanted to start this blog to actively and consistently reach out and connect with the ever-growing Crab Studios community. We already have an incredibly active community on our Discord server, where we get together and play our latest game Fatal Knockout. It was eye-opening just to see how much that game brought people together, especially when we did competitive tournaments.

However, reaching out to new people and getting them involved is now a high-priority goal of mine. The community has been growing organically through word-of-mouth, but it would be a shame for people to miss out on these great experiences and amazing people just because they didn't know it existed! Not only will I be sharing updates about our games and our communities, but I will also be posting about other games. I am a board game and video game designer by trade, so I also want to try and help other game designers, that may be up-and-coming, with my experiences and knowledge.

Anyway, hopefully, you enjoy reading through some of the posts, and I hope to see you about in one of our amazing communities!

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