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FKO Worlds Tournament Recap

Hello all, this post briefly summarizes the FKO Worlds Tournament, which lasted over 5 hours last night.

Firstly, to start at the end, congratulations to Natalie for being the first ever 3-time-champ in Fatal Knockout competitive history! Up until this point we had three players all with two championships under their belt, but never a third, until now! So once again, congrats!

However, to win it, Nat had to beat Xreage, a newcomer to the FKO competitive scene! Xreage shocked us all when they beat the number 1 ranked player Draconis in the losers bracket, but they then went on to beat Father of Gregg AND 166337, none of which are easy opponents, to say the least.

So, on paper, Nat should win, but in actuality, it wasn't nearly as clear-cut. Both players had bested the majority of the same opponents (as seen in the bracket below), when Nat beat them in the Winners Bracket, Xreage finished them off in the Losers Bracket. So judging both players on the day, it was difficult to choose one over the other for the favorite.

In the end, what I believe won it for Nat (they won 2-0 in a best of 3) was (along with near-perfect play) playing as Axl. Axl is massively underplayed in tournaments and in general, they are difficult to learn at first compared to other fighters, and it isn't completely obvious what their win condition is at a glance. This is a big advantage for Nat as unfamiliarity, like in any fighting game, is an advantage to whom the fighter is obtuse for their opponent.

Not to take anything away from Nat's win or even Xreage's 2nd place. Both played amazingly, fought tooth and nail to get to the finals, and both deserve the prize money they received.

If you want to join in on the next tournament, join the discord here.


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