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Kickstarter Resource: Simple Finance Calculator

Hello! This is a quick post to share with the world a simple finance calculator I made for your Kickstarter project.

If you click on that link above, it will take you to a Google Sheet which allows you to:

  • Determine your Kickstarter goal based on your expenses before and after the campaign.

  • Figure out the minimum number of backers you need to fund based on the average pledge to your campaign (this will work as a conservative estimate in the sense that most campaigns skew higher than the average possible pledge, so you should end up needing fewer backers).

  • See your margins for D2C based on your direct cost of sales, as well as the cost of sales + acquisition of a customer.

  • Figure out your target acquisition of a customer cost, taking into account your target backer count and your marketing budget.

To use this for yourself, after clicking on the link, make a copy so it can be edited.

Hopefully, you find this useful, and if you have any feedback please let me know and I can update the version linked above.

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