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A 2 player card-based fighting game. The aim of the game is to be the last fighter standing in this competitive, tightly-designed fighting game.


Fatal Knockout aims to embody digital fighting games like Smash Bros, Street Fighter and more, and the card play reflects move sets which you would see in the genre. Fatal Knockout comes with six fighters with completely unique decks. Player's play cards which allow them to move, change orientation, and attack on the board. On top of that, each fighter has one-of-a-kind abilities that are triggered by playing cards.


On a player's turn, they draw to their hand up to three cards. The leader of the round places one card face down, the second player follows. At this point the leader can choose to play another card, or reveal. This continues until either the leader reveals all cards or players run out of cards.


Throughout the game, players will be dealing damage to each other with fighter specific cards. The game ends when there is only one fighter left standing, the player left standing is the winner.

Fatal Knockout can be played with just two players, but can also be played in a tournament style where players advance through brackets with the aim of being crowned the winner!

Fatal Knockout

Expected to be shipped June 2024
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