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In Food Time Battle in Space in Space, you are a restauranteur in the 1950s trying to take advantage of the recent colonization of the moon in this alternate version of Earth.


This game is a lite engine-building card game for 2-4 players with a healthy amount of randomness, but heaps of strategy, with four different decks, and four different playstyles to choose from.

Your goal is to be the first restaurant to five stars, and you do this by completing critic orders with your ingredients. You have to place ingredients down in the correct order, and to gain critic perks (which help you later in the game) you have to use luxury ingredients as well.


These critic perks are used to increase your handsize, redraw cards, play cards in different orders and discard cards, all in the name of creating the perfect meal for other critics. These abilities are your engine!

Food Time Battle in Space

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